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Apex Automotive is a small personalized Auto Repair Shop in North Phoenix.

We know every customer by first name.

The highlight of our day is meeting new customers.

5 - 8 New People Show Up Everyday because

they're referred by a friend; or,  they discover our website.

Most new arrivals have been wrestling with a car problem.

We give them a solution.

We never ever try to sell you anything; rather,

We tell you What you need to do,  Why you need to do it, and  What it may Cost.

​You choose what you want to do.

There's Never any Pressure.

We give you solid information upon which to base your decisions. 

We're passionate about Customer Service.

...Dedicated to doing a good job.

...and Committed to Keeping the Cost Down.

We can't wait to see you!

Thanks for giving us this moment of your time.

Hope to see you soon!