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Apex Automotive is one of the busiest Emissions Repair Shops in Phoenix Arizona.

Customers from all over Phoenix drive to us, for good reason.

We Specialize in Affordable Emissions Repair

About: The ADEQ Emissions Testing System

Arizona has one of the most efficiently and professionally administered Emissions Testing Program in the country. At Apex, we respect and appreciate the consistency and professionalism with which the Emissions Testing Personnel carry out their tasks.

There are no shortcuts to making a vehicle compliant with the emissions standards in Arizona. There is no magic additive and there are no tricks to passing emissions.  What is required is a thorough understanding of Five Gas Theory, coupled with an understanding of all Automotive systems and how they work together, most importantly the vehicle’s ignition system, fuel deliver system, and engine management system.

Testing and passing numerous cars on a daily basis (through the ADEQ system) has helped us learn,  understand and be able to move through “the system” efficiently.

About: Emissions Repair Cost

By Specializing in Emissions Repair, the cost of proper emissions repair dropped sharply. Our specialized tools and training made us faster at delivering accurate diagnostics. This translated into an ability to provide the exact correct emissions repair you need, at the overall lowest repair cost to you. The average cost of repair to our customers in 2013 was just under $196.00 per vehicle. That's down from $305.00 per vehicle in 2010.

For fast, affordable emissions repair, Call or Visit the Apex Automotive and Emissions today. We think we’re the Best Emissions Repair Shop in Phoenix Arizona.

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Newer vehicles 1996 - Are tested by simply plugging their computer into the Data Link Connector to ensure the vehicle is compliant.

Early on, Apex Automotive chose to specialize in Emissions Repair and become one of the Best Emissions Repair Shops in Phoenix. Our customers needed an efficient, low cost solution to their emissions repair problems. At Apex, we felt it was necessary to master this very challenging and technical aspect of auto repair in order to fully and completely serve our customers. 

Technically speaking, if a person can properly diagnose and repair emissions problems, he can handle almost any other car repair problem with ease.

Older vehicles 1969 - 1995 are tested by ADEQ on their rolling dyno. Exhaust gases are sniffed at the tailpipe for NOx, HC, and CO emissions. 

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