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Catalytic Converter Prices and Information - Phoenix

Pass Emissions Guaranteed

High Quality Catalytic Converters

Lowest Prices

Nationwide 2 Year Warranty.

100% Guaranteed to eliminate the  P0420 & P0430 codes. 


We complete your  Drive Cycle

We pass your car thru emissions 


Yes, after every repair, we pass the Arizona Emissions and get your Emissions Certificate for you. 

We have 3rd party DMV License and Registration / Onsite / Next door


Apex Automotive


Catalytic Converter

Emissions Certificate

 License and Registration


Choosing the right catalytic converter is difficult.

Finding the right cat is difficult.

We can help you choose!

Call for helpful information and a price quote.


Online pricing tools are not accurate for catalytic converters; because, their pricing is based on "dealer list prices"


Apex Aftermarket Catalytic Converters  

- High Quality - 

- Good Value -


Our Aftermarket Cats are 1/2 the Cost !!

Last just as long

Fit just as well

 Twice the Warranty 

Dealer List Price on catalytic converters is too high. 

Nobody really pays dealer list price (except insurance companies)


Generally, there are 3 pricing options when it comes to buying a replacement catalytic converter for your car or light truck.

Low cost             $ - $$             Universal Fit - Aftermarket brand

Medium cost       $$ - $$$         Direct Fit - Aftermarket brand

Highest cost        $$$ - $$$$     Direct Fit - Original Equipment brand


UNIVERSAL FIT - AFTERMARKET CATS (from: Magnaflow, Eastern, AP Exhaust, Davico, Pacesetter, Walker, etc.)

Universal fit aftermarket cats are simpler in design; and, up to 10 times cheaper to buy than direct fit OE converters. Although cheaper, universal cats are not necessarily of lesser quality. Universal fit cats offer excellent value, especially for older cars. Universal cats are most often welded into place. This method of installation leads us to the next big question: Based on design and fitment requirements of your car, can a less expensive universal fit catalytic converter be welded onto your car? Often, the only way to know is to have us perform a visual inspection.

  • Universal fit cats are quite a bit cheaper than other alternatives;
  • Universal fit aftermarket converters are (generally) of good quality;
  • Unifersal fit aftermarket converters are (generally) warrantied 1-3 years.

DIRECT FIT - AFTERMARKET CATS (from: Magnaflow, Eastern, AP Exhaust, Davico, Pacesetter, Walker, etc)

Direct Fit (Aftermarket) cats are manufactured to exact size and fitment specifications; so, they bolt directly into your car without modification. 

  • Direct fit converters are most often made necessary because of complex design and fitment issues;
  • Manufacturers have moved cat(s) closer to the engines and closer to the engine heat in order to enhance cat efficiency;
  • Close fitting cats are more efficient; but, they are also more difficult to access;
  • Direct fit aftermarket cats are (generally) of good quality; 
  • Direct fit aftermarket cats are (generally) warrantied 1-3 years
  • It is rarely necessary to buy anything more expensive than a direct fit aftermarket catalytic converter for your car. They are great for most cars.

DIRECT FIT - ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CATS (from your car dealer's parts departments, ie: Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, BMW, VW, etc.)

Direct fit (OE) replacement cats are most often desired by owners of newer cars, collector cars or exotic cars. OE replacement parts are intended to preserve collector car values by maintaining the quality and appearance of the original part.  I've replaced catalytic converters on several Corvettes where the owners insisted on buying dealer OE replacement cats because they wanted "authentic" original parts on their collector cars. Direct fit OE replacement cats always fit properly. Arguably, OE cats are of "better quality" because they're said to contain more active smog fighting elemental ingredients than aftermarket cats. I'm not sure this is true. 





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