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Several years ago, I published a web page that listed Ford 5.4 and Ford 4.6 modular engine price list for my fleet customers. This page became very popular; and, we began selling and installing very many engines. Over the years, we improved our engine installation processes to increase efficiency and lower the cost of engine swaps. We also developed the ability to source high-quality low mileage used engines and superior quality remanufactured engines with long warranties from companies we trust. 

We enjoy a 100% Success Rate with Engine Installations

  • 2 Well Trained, ASE Certified, Experienced Mechanics. Father & Son.
  • Well, Equipped Apex Shop. We are well equipped to do all the necessary mechanical tasks to keep engine installations on track. Wiring and Electric Master Technicians and Oscilloscope Capable Diagnostic Technicians, Mig Welding fabricators, bolt extractions experts. Also, we like to test and analyze everything.
  • High-Quality Workmanship - We've standardized our engine replacement practices over time. We try to keep prices low and win people over by taking pride and doing quality work. 


How to Get Prices

Use the contact at the bottom of this page
 Please including your vehicle's 17 digit VIN number or license plate number


With either your VIN or (recently current) license plate number, I can quickly determine exactly what new and used engines are available for your specific vehicle; and, I can help you understand the costs and timelines associated with re-powering your vehicle. 

For faster service, call me, Dave Sr. by phone. After a brief discussion, I'll send you an estimate/quote via email. Have your VIN ready as it will be needed in order to generate prices.

We Begin by Sourcing the Highest Quality Engines Available

Engines are available from many different sources. We are skilled at finding the very best engine for your application.

New Engines, Remanufactured Engines, Rebuilt Engines, Lower Engine Rebuilds, Upper Engine Rebuilds, Salvage Engines, Used Engines, JDM Engines


Finding the Right Engine is Important

Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured engines usually arrive at our shop within 3-5 days.. Remans, as they're known, actually do arrive in plastic or wooden crates. Reman engines are also loosely described as "crate motors". Accurately described, Remanufactured engines are basically ~ new.  In fact, modern Remans may be ~ better than new; because they're built to specs that reflect the latest engineering revisions. 

At Apex, we source most of our Reman Engines from ATK VEGE (my personal choice); or, from PowerTorque or Jasper Engines. We choose these 3 engine builders because they've got great R&D departments, consistently build high-quality engines, offer long warranties, and have shown they can be trusted to stand behind their products. All remanufactured engines sold by Apex are covered by their respective manufacturers' written | Nationwide | 3 year | Unlimited Mileage | Parts, and Labor Warranty. 

Used Engines

Used engines are sought when reman engines are unavailable; or, too expensive. Once located in the system and ordered, a Used Engine typically arrives at our shop within 2-5 days. Most Used Engines we source are from the LKQ Keystone Corporation. LKQ is America's largest automotive dismantling & recycling company.  At Apex, we have direct access to LKQ's Nationwide  USED ENGINE INVENTORY - a vast inventory of very high quality, low mileage used car and truck engines. The LKQ engine inventory refreshes daily.  LKQ Used engines are covered by either their 6 months parts only warranty; or, their 1 or 2 years parts and labor warranty.

ATK VEGE, mentioned above as our Preferred Remanufactured Engine provider, has been owned by LKQ Corp since 2010. As you can see, the scope of the LKQ Corporation is vast and their ability to provide an endless supply of high quality | new and used engines is worth consideration.    

Authorized Installers

We have also authorized installers for several other engine companies. If you'd like to source your own engine, we are happy to coordinate the installation of your new engine. In such cases, it is customary for us to add 20% to our normal labor rate.

Experienced Across Many Brands

In recent years, we've installed engines in all of the following brands:

Domestics  Brands: ***Ford, **Jeep, *Chrysler, Chevrolet, *Dodge, *RAM, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Hummer 

Asian Imports Brands: **Acura, **Honda, **Toyota, **Lexus, *Scion, *Hyundai, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Kia 

European Import Brands: Land Rover, Jaguar, Fiat, BMW, *VW, *Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes

None of the brands is much harder than the others. They all require time and diligent effort to remain organized and mentally retentive of detail. We have diagnostic scanners and good documentation for every brand. Mercedes provides the least diagnostic documentation. Land Rovers are the most challenging to buy parts for. Subaru's are probably the easiest because of their modular design. Fords, by far, we've done the most of. 

* denotes many

** denotes very many


If you want us to help you find a good engine for your project...and, ship it to you...

We offer free engine shipping to commercial addresses nationwide. 



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