30-60-90k Mile Service (Dealer Approved)

         When it comes servicing a vehicle, it is wise to think about it as if you were going to the doctor. Just like doctors can perform tests that can detect and head off potentially harmful illnesses, an automotive technician knows what to look for and what tests to perform to catch any potential problems with your vehicle before they become a real problem for your wallet. Every 30-60-90 service comes with a full multi-point inspection by one of our certified technicians. All bases are covered during these service intervals that ensure that your vehicle is in its best possible condition when leaving our shop. We use nothing but manufacturer approved fluids and filters at Apex Automotive because we understand the importance of having the correct fluids that the vehicle was intended to have, not some cheap knock off. Why be overcharged at the dealer for a service interval often done by the least qualified techs at the service center? Come to Apex where for a fraction of the price you get true certified automotive experts.

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