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Cylinder wall scoring | Ford modular Triton 6.8

FYI, we've never had to replace under warranty any 6.8 liter engine we've installed; they're all still on the road, functioning as intended.

When motor home | gasoline engine replacement | becomes necessary, we only offer the highest quality of remanufactured engines, assembled in ISO 9000 controlled environment, complete with a 3 or 4 Year | Nationwide | Unlimited Mileage | Parts and Labor Warranty.

Bore Scope usage | Checking cylinder walls | Ford 6.8 V-10 | motorhome engine

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In addition to early design flaws, unresolved check engine light issues can lead to catastrophic engine failure. We've seen that a faulty MAF can result in a false lean condition (P0171 and P0174), over fueling, cylinder fuel wash, cylinder scoring, loss of compression and finally a permanent hard engine misfire. 

Misfire diagnostics on any Ford modular engine can be a problem, especially for most RV technicians who can't be expected to be have complex engine diagnostic skills. The truth is, accurate engine diagnostics are difficult, even for the most experienced mechanic on any brand.

We specialize in

​​ Ford | Triton V-10 | 6.8L | VIN S & VIN Y | ENGINE REPLACEMENT

If you are reading this, you probably know that these engines can be problematic and many fail prematurely for a variety of reasons. This leaves many owners of many low mileage Ford chassis RV's completely sidelined, unable to pass emissions, unable to enjoy or even sell their vehicle.

Fortunately, as time has passed, with significant research and development, engine re-manufacturers have made improvements to these engines extending their useful life. New re-manufactured Ford Triton 6.8 liter engines can be expected to last longer that some of the earlier versions of this engine.  The reman engines we install are covered by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

At Apex, as a father and son team, we've developed our diagnostic skills through both training and experience over a period of many years. We are ASE Certified technicians who specialize in engine performance. We employ numerous specialty tools like the 5 gas analyzer and oscilloscope.  Moreover, we are the most well reviewed Emissions Repair shop in Phoenix.

Our emissions diagnostic skills transfer directly to your Ford F-53 motorhome chassis. In the last 10 years, we've swapped in literally dozens of Ford re-manufactured modular engines to keep our fleet customers on the road. To us, from a diagnostic standpoint, your motorhome is little more than a large Ford truck.


Two models of the Triton V-10 were used by Ford in E and F Series chassis: 

1997 - 2016 | VIN S | 2 Valve | 6.8 Liter | V-10

2010 - 1014 | VIN Y | 3 Valve | 6.8 Liter | V-10

If you want more power for your Triton V-10, we also install Banks Super Chargers and SCT tuning. The supercharged Ford engine will supply the additional torque needed to power your Class A motorhome.

Call Dave Sr. or Dave Jr. for information. Please have your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number available. The 10th digit signifies the model of engine: VIN S or VIN Y.

Engine misfires are a big problem in Ford modular engines. Single cylinder identification can be difficult. It is nearly impossible to restore a misfiring engine to proper operation IF YOU CANNOT ACCURATELY DETERMINE THE  MISFIRING CYLINDER(S). As a result of not being able to identify the root cause of the misfire, most mechanics resort to throwing parts at the problem. This rarely solves the problem and results in continued operation of the vehicle despite serious underlying problems.

Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. are both highly qualified, ASE Certified diagnosticians. We accurately diagnose your RV engine problem and give you enough information so you can make repair and replacement decisions. 

When it comes to RV engine repair vs. RV engine replacement, we assist you by giving you accurate information so you can make sound and informed decisions. 

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