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We Power Clean BMW Diesel Particulate Filters 

No one will tell you this...but, its possible to effectively pressure clean BMW Diesel Particulate Filters.

​Cleaning your DPF is simply the easiest and least expensive way to restore system function when compared to other methods.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove soot particles from the exhaust of your diesel engine. 

.Tiny particles of diesel soot stick together and become a gooey, sticky, inky mess inside the DPF. By design, soot clings to the interior walls and honeycomb passages of the DPF where it is eventually baked and chemically oxidized into non polluting gases during the regeneration process. A small fraction of the diesel soot is non combustible, becomes ash, and remains inside the DPF. After 150,000 miles of operation, research shows that up to 80% of the material trapped inside the DPF is ash, while only about 20% is the gooey sticky soot.

Cleaning Methods are Different for Soot vs. Ash

During the baking and oxidizing cycles inside the DPF, most soot is reduced to ash and non polluting gases.  The gases fly away; but, the ash remains inside the filter. 

Most soot is reduced to ash in the baking and oxidizing cycles inside the DPF , non-combustible ash requires a different cleaning process than soot. Ash particles trapped inside the particulate filter build up to high levels over time and eventually clog the DPF. We've found that ash is best removed using cleaning fluid pressures as high as 3500 psi.

Interestingly, most of the ash collected in your DPF originates from your engine oil. It is critically important to use the proper grade of engine oil in your BMW diesel vehicle to reduce ash buildup in the DPF. Always choose an oil with BMW LL-04 certification. FYI, no oil made in America if currently formulated to this specification. Click here for a list of oils that meet the BMW LL-04 specification.

6 Reasons to Clean Your BMW Diesel Particulate Filter

Instead of replacing the filter you already own needs only to be cleaned; it’s not worn out!!

Unlike catalytic converters, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are NOT coated with chemical catalysts; they don’t wear out;

Rather, Diesel Particulate Filters get clogged and require physical removal of soot and ash trapped inside; 

A genuine BMW replacement DPF is very expensive; wholesale price is +/- 2500.00; and

Knock-off DPFs, while advertised for sale, are of dubious quality; and,

Knock-off DPFs are still expensive; costing more than +/- 500.00 for the part; and,

Deleting the DPF is not an option: 

Deleting the DPF is a federal crime; tampering is illegal;

Deleting the DPF renders non compliant for operation in roads in USA; 

Deleting the DPF devalues your vehicle

Deleting the DPF causes persistent check engine light issues; and, 

Cleaning your DPF is simply the easiest and least expensive way to restore system function when compared to other methods.

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