How Cold is Cold?

Variable Atmospheric Conditions 

Sunlight intensity, humidity, including direct / indirect sunlight; 

Auto air conditioning systems are modern marvels of engineering. They are built to exacting standards and are increasingly complex in order to cool more efficiently while using less refrigerant. When they don't blow cold air, they are technically challenging to diagnose and nearly impossible to repair without above average mechanical aptitude, excellent training and years of expertise. 

As a "Cover Their Ass" strategy, every manufacturer has an engineering document buried somewhere that basically says:

"our brand of A/C is not designed to blow cold air on a really hot or humid days." 

I knew a lazy person who spent 2 hours looking for that CYA engineering document instead of spending the time necessary to make the customer's AC blow cold. He was a factory trained guy who liked to hear himself talk. He'd tell you 50 degrees was cold enough and quit trying. 

50 degrees is not cold enough.

At Apex, we often achieve AC vent temps in the low to mid 30's. Lexus and Toyota cars and most Chevrolet Silverado's blow in the 30's. Most Ford cars, trucks and SUV's blow in the 42 - 47 range. Most Chrysler's blow in the low 40's, as do most Chevrolet cars and trucks.

Most in the low 40's. 

In Phoenix, Arizona...given our ranges of temperatures and humidity, we have determined that 47 degrees F. at the center vent feels like the AC is working OK...It's working good enough to send home.   Consider the following chart: 

Taken at the center vent:

     50 Degree Air - feels warm; 

     47 Degree Air feels OK cold;

     42 Degree Air feels quite crisp and is the perfect temperature;

     40 Degree and colder Air may feel too cold, especially when cruising.

These temperature reading apply to Front A/C only.  In vehicle with rear air conditioning, the rear air temperature readings will be warmer by a few degrees. 

A/C Control Settings

     1.  Initial Temperature should be taken at the Center Vent;

     2. Probe inserted 3 inches into the vent;

     3. Probe tip not touching plastic ducting;

     2. Blower Fan on lowest setting;

     3. Air source set to "Recirculate" or "MAX AC";

     4. Vehicle running with A/C on for 10 minutes;

     5. Windows and doors closed.

Always use the same A/C settings when diagnosing and tuning the system. Temperature will vary widely as controls are changed.

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