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 We are the Emissions Repair Experts in North Phoenix and Deer Valley. We Speak to Hundreds of People  monthly just like you.

We know the fastest way to Fix your Emissions Failure Problem.

We know how to  Keep Your Emissions Repair Cost Down and Affordable.

 On a busy day, we pass 6-8 cars through emissions. We pass hundreds of carsthrough the Deer Valley  Emissions Test facility each year.  Additionally, we speak to hundreds of people monthly who need to  understand what their car needs to pass Emissions.

Our expertise in Emissions Repair Keeps Your Failed Emissions Repair Affordable.

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Failed Arizona Emissions Test

Failed Emissions Phoenix

Failed Emissions Arizona

Emissions Testing Failed

Check Engine Light On

Not Ready

No Connectivity

Failed Oxides of Nitrogen

Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions Fail

Failed NOx

Nox Failure


Carbon Monoxide Emissions Fail

Failed Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Failed CO

​CO Emissions Failure

Failed Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons Emissions Fail

Failed HC

HC Emissions Failure

Failed Pressure Test

​Pressure Test Failure

HC and CO Emissions Failure

Failed HC and CO


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We Specialize in EMISSIONS REPAIR:

1. We Fix Emissions Problems;

2. Pass the Emissions Test for you;

3. Keep Your Emissions Repair Cost Low.

Walk In's Are Welcome


1. Start with a Phone Call;

2. Bring your Car to APEX.

We Will Help You:

1. Learn What Your Car Needs;

2. Know the Cost to Fix the Problem;

3. Repair the Emissions Problem;

4. Pass the Emissions Test.

Car Failed Emissions Phoenix Apex Automotive

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