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  • We Sell High Quality Remanufactured & Used Engines

  • We Sell Engines  at  very near cost to make them affordable

  • We are Highly Trained and Experienced Engine Installation Experts
  • Apex Technicians are known for their extra ordinary Attention to Detail
  • We Guaranteed Delivery to you with No Issues and No Check Engine Lights 
  • Long   3 Year / Unlimited Mile | NO FAULT | Warranty

Experience  The Apex /  Engine Replacement Difference

5 Ways to Avoid Replacement Engine Problems

   1. Install a High Quality Engine with a  LONG NO FAULT WARRANTY;

   2. Avoid engines (used) with unverified mileage;  

   3. Avoid used small engine retailers with vague warranties;

   4. Use Certified Experienced Technicians to Install your new engine; and,

   5. Replace the Water Pump, Thermostat, Knock Sensors, Balancer and Spark Plugs.


Remanufactured Engines

For a few dollars more than a used engine, you can buy a high quality remanufactured engine with a long 3 Year / Unlimited Mile | No Fault | Warranty.  We sell remanufactured engines at very near our cost to keep overall replacement costs low and encourage you to go with the better part. 

Used Engines

Used Engines are often necessary for 2 Primary Reasons:

  1. A suitable Reman Engine is unavailable; or,

  2. A Reman Engine is simply too costly for the particular job.

We only source Used Engines from vendors with third party mileage verification. Additionally, we only buy from vendors we know and trust to stand behind their warranties.

  • Apex Automotive is an LKQ | ATK VEGE Used Engine Installer in Phoenix.

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