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​​​"1996 and newer vehicles CANNOT PASS emissions

with the “Check Engine” light illuminated.

The vehicle will not be tested."  

                                   ADEQ Guidelines...​

The  “Check Engine” must be properly diagnosed and repaired in order to be compliant. 

Bring your car to Apex Automotive. We'll scan your car for free.

We'll help you understand what needs to be done to get your car through emissions. Remember, our goal is to fix your car right the first time, at the lowest overall cost. 


Proper Check Engine Light diagnostics begin by connecting an OBD II scanner to the DLC (data link connector) and reading the stored fault codes, or DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

Fault codes represent a starting point from which to begin pin-point diagnostics.  Fault codes point to a system. Further investigation and testing are necessary to further isolate and correct the problem.


"EGR insufficient flow detected" simply means the problem is related to the EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation System). 

Possible causes -

1. EGR Solenoid fails to command action...

2. EGR Valve fails to carry out commanded action...

3. EGR pressure sensor fails to report proper action...

4. All aforementioned components function as intended; but, EGR passages are blocked by carbon buildup.

As you can see, the DTC (diagnostic trouble code) only points to the EGR System as a whole. Individual components and actions must be tested and verified to find the exact problem. 

When they see "EGR" in the fault code description, people incorrectly assume they must replace the EGR valve and become baffled when their chosen solution does nothing to solve the actual problem. At Apex Automotive, we see this scenario play out several time every week.. We see money and time wasted on an incorrect repairs.

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