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5 Ways to Avoid Premature Brake Failure

1. Replace Worn Pads on Time to Prevent Damage to Brake Rotor

2. Begin Stopping Early so Brakes stay Cool

3. Use High Quality Brake Replacement Parts

4. Flush you Brake Fluid every time Brakes are Replaced

5. Have your Brakes Inspected Annually

6. Have your Brakes Inspected at First Sign of Noise or Vibration

​At Apex, we go to extra lengths to ensure that your brake repair is done right. We don't take short cuts on any aspect of Brake Repair; from high quality brake parts to following proper brake replacement procedure, we are known for turning out some of the best Brake Repair in Phoenix. 

It's sad but true; but, many brake repair specialty shops purposefully "low ball" brake replacement costs to lure you in. They do this by quoting absurdly low prices with the intention of using low quality parts. Then, once they take your car apart, they quote you a price as much as 7 times as high. Often, they refuse to put your car back together quoting safety issues. You can't drive away. You have to pay the higher price. 

At Apex, we take a more responsible approach in order to ensure the highest quality Brake Replacement in Phoenix: 

Specifically, we begin with the Highest Quality Brake Pads on the market. We use Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads almost exclusively. In our Fleet Maintenance Program, we've experienced excellent performance from Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads over hundreds of thousands of miles. We've Never had a brake pad failure using Performance Friction pads. Also, Performance Friction Brake Pads are only a few dollars more expensive than vastly inferior pads.

​Next, we always choose high quality Bosch Brake Rotors. Bosch is a leading manufacturer in the Automotive Industry. Bosch excels in quality control when it comes to brake rotor metallurgy and accurate brake rotor machining.

Brake Fluid attracts moisture from the air. Moisture causes rust and corrosion. Where does the corrosion build up? 

Brake Calipers and Wheel Cylinders are the lowest point in your brake system. They are vulnerable to the effects of grit and corrosion because of their low point in the brake system. For that reason, we Flush your Brake System every time we perform brake service. 

Finally, when you desire the Absolute Smoothest Ride and Smoothest Brakes possible, you may elect to have Apex Turn Your Brake Rotors using an On Car Brake Lathe. Turning the Brake Rotors while on the car removes ALL balance irregularities and results in the smoothest ride and smoothest braking experience possible. While this is a time consuming optional step, the results are absolutely astounding. 

​Trust Apex Automotive for Very High Quality Brake Service and Repair in Deer Valley. Our attention to detail and the use of proven, high quality brake pads and rotors makes us one of the best Brake Repair Shops in North Phoenix.

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Brake Rotor Heat Cracks Blueing

Experience  The Apex Brake Replacement Difference

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Extra Ordinary Attention to Detail
  • On Car Brake Lathe 
  • High Quality Brake Parts
  • 24 Month / 24,000 Mile Warranty 


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