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Experience  The Apex FLEET REPAIR Difference

Apex has grown to become the largest Fleet Repair Center in Deer Valley. We now service over 200 trucks on a 5000 mile interval basis. 



  • No More Headaches for your Staff
  • Easy Scheduling
  • GPS Tracking Alerts (yours or ours)
  • Archived Records (kept under one roof)
  • Monthly Expenditure Reports
  • Specific Issue Photo Reports


  • Free Valleywide Towing
  • 3 Year 36,000 Mile Warranty on Every Auto Repair

Is Your Fleet a Chaotic Repair Money Pit with no end in sight?

If so, call me, Dave Sr. I have the expertise, willingness, ability and capacity to make a huge difference in your fleet's efficiency; and, in your bottom line. 

Turn Your Fleet Around

Experience shows that once you’re committed to turning a fleet around, it doesn’t take long. Deferred maintenance and repair issues must be addressed and each vehicle brought up to a basic standard of good repair. After that, maintenance and repair costs drop sharply.