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Power steering systems are under high pressure and are very dependent on good seals and proper maintenance. Power steering leaks are a common problem on older vehicles and when a power steering pump runs low on fluid, it will eventually fail. So it is a good idea to fix leaks before they progress into bigger problems. 

Power Steering Service

It is recommended that your power steering fluid be flushed every 30-60,000 miles. Keeping good fluid in your power steering system helps keep the power steering system free of water or other corrosive elements which destroy seals and create leaks. 

Power Steering Leak Repair

Power Steering systems have many areas where they may develop leaks of all descriptions. Some can be big and some can be so small that several leak detection methods must sometimes be employed in order to properly locate the leak. Once the leak is found, the necessary measures will be employed to properly restore the part to it original condition.

Power Steering Replacement

Sometimes when parts fail, they have to replaced. its part of life. We offer everything from seal replacement to complete power steering overhauls.

Power Steering Services