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Thoughtful, Affordable Auto Repair

At Apex Automotive & Emissions, we practice and deliver thoughtful  auto repair based on accurate automotive diagnostics.  We build relationships with our customers and help them maintain and repair their cars, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and stretch every car dollar. This balanced approach keeps car repair affordable.

"During these hard economic times, our customers are deciding to keep their cars and trucks longer. Using our Strategy of Accurate Diagnostics and Thoughtful Auto Repair, we help customers extend the useful life of their vehicles; and,  keep the overall cost of  ownership down."  

​Choose Apex Automotive.  We'll help you:

  • avoid wasting money on unnecessary car repairs,
  • prioritize your auto repair expenditures,
  • stretch every car dollar, and,
  • feel knowledgeable and confident about every repair decision you make.

Accurate Diagnostics. Thoughtful Auto Repair.  Lowest Overall Cost of vehicle ownership. 

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Monday - Friday:    7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday:                 8:00am - Noon

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Specialization in Automotive Diagnostics

Our Specialization in Auto Repair Diagnostics helps us find the root problem of what's wrong with your car -  Faster and with more accuracy.  

" At Apex, we've Chosen to Excel in the most difficult aspects of things automotiver.  By closely analyzing each automotive problem individually, using our knowledge, training, experience, we are able to diagnose each problem's root cause and suggest accurate and effective repairs."

​Proper Diagnosis is the first step toward keeping the cost of car and truck repair low.


Ongoing Training

At Apex, we love being great at what we do. We provide our staff with ongoing training specific to 3 areas:

  • General Auto Repair
  • Specialized Emissions Repair
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair

We have a new training classroom onsite. We subscribe to both Online and DVD training courses as well as receive periodic classroom training at both ATI Phoenix and UTI Phoenix.  

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This website is created entirely in house.  All of the photos you see here were taken by us. All of the text is original content. It is a work in progress. 

David Dyer, Sr. (52) is a second generation shop owner and custom car fabricator, trained to California BAR Emissions Repair Standards. David Sr’s strengths are in computer diagnostics, emissions systems and sub systems, ignition systems, fuel systems, internal engine issues…and automotive air-conditioning, including custom fabrication of A/C systems for classic cars, hot rods, and special applications.